Slim Scandinavian Design

Scandinavian Design - Schipper Watch

Simple, Minimalistic, Slim & Clean Lines

Not everything is black, grey or white

Consider what you really need of your timepiece….

Isn’t that simply to see what time it is? In order to design it as slim as possible we left out other functionalities that you may find in high-end watch labels.

And it should be reliable. We have chosen for quality Japanese movements inside our watches. The small-decentralized hand, that shows the seconds, ensures the watch is running.

Orange original

We have integrated a small orange element on the face of the watches. The dot at five o’clock is highlighted in orange, because it’s always five o’clock somewhere – right?

Orange is the color of joy and creativity. Orange promotes a sense of emotional energy as passion. It is associated with warmth, determination, enjoyment and freedom.

Simply functional …

As your mood is changing, perhaps you like to change what you wear.

An other strap attached to your watch will change the “look & feel” of it, much more than you can imagine.

Our straps have a Quick Release Spring Bar.

Check out the backside of the strap. Do you see the small metal pin? It makes strap releasing and attaching easy. When you feel for another “look”, you can quickly change your strap. No need to visit the jewelry store. That is simply functional.

Nordic Aesthetics

Influenced by Danish interiors, Swedish nature and Norwegian lifestyle, we design our watches the Scandinavian way.

We aim to connect our watches and the Schipper brand to our own Nordic identity. The Scandinavian style for us refers to a flat, simple and minimalistic design with clean lines. And instead of luxury, we focus on slim functionality.

Scandinavian Design - Schipper Watch

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